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Press release: October 15, 2006

Country Sensation Miko Marks Makes Her Mark at The Bill Pickett Rodeo

- October 15, 2006 - Story By: Deborah Leungl/Pointed Magazine Staff
Photos By: Benjamin Rogers/ Pointed Magazine

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Dirt! The Bill Pickett Rodeo, a true Rodeo named after legendary black rodeo star William "Bill" Pickett. This is a rodeo devoted to the Black Cowboys and Cowgirls of yesteryear and today!

The Rodeo was held at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and while there were some show stopping moments that night, one showstopper that could not be missed was Miko Marks, who opened the Rodeo singing the National Anthem, but with a true country twist. This little lady can sing!

Miko stands about 5'1 and appears to weigh no more than a buck twenty five soaking wet. It was a surprise and true delight when Miko bellowed out the National Anthem in true country fashion, but with a little bit of soul. If you love country music, I mean truly love country music you will not be disappointed with the voice of Miko Marks.

Marks' debut CD "Freeway Bound" will have you bouncing and tapping your feet to the country beat.

One winner on this CD is a track titled "Kickin Back", a snappy tune. This was one of the songs Miko performed for the swelling crowd at the Show Place Arena. Miko had a lot of kick with this performance, and I mean literally. Miko covered every inch of the Rodeo area while kicking her leg high in the air with grace and agility and played to the delight of the crowd on an invisible guitar. Miko swayed and playfully danced to the beat of this up-tempo country music song.

Miko who hails from Flint, Michigan, the industrial heartland, discovered that what drew her to country music was not the music, but the story telling of the music. Miko was enthralled with the story-telling nature of country music. So why not entwine the two ideas. Miko has a beautiful voice and she writes her own music and loves to tell a story. So here lies the beginning of a great venture. "Freeway Bound" the title track of Miko's CD will have you in a state of mind of just rolling down the highway on the open road on a sunny afternoon, your mind free flowing in the wind, with not a care in the world. Miko's sings this titled track effortlessly but with strong determination to just get out there and do what you have to do. Another single on this CD entitled "Mama" which is also accompanied by a video with the same title and features Miko's college friend, Grammy award winner, Erykah Badu. This song and video is a moving dedication to Miko's mom who would be extremely proud of her daughter. Today's country audience and the general public audience will definitely relate to this song, as it's a loving and passionate dedication.

Marks is country to the core. She is truly original. "Freeway Bound" is refreshing and unique at the same time. Miko's true and unique country vocals, gifted with a soulful edge holds your attention as to what is next to come by this new country artist.

An energetic performer, Miko knows how to "woo" a crowd. She's an attractive performer and quite passionate performing country music. Miko simply loves what she does. In addition to her musical talents, she is a devoted mom to her nine-year-old son Justin and is happily married.

After Miko's performance at the Show Place Arena, she was headed to Nashville to start recording her new CD, one that we will actively anticipate. If you know country music or if you are a new fan to country music do not wait another minute, go and grab Miko Marks CD "Freeway Bound" you will not be disappointed.

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