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Mirrome Records, Inc. is an independent label formed in 2002. The background of the principals is in management and sales. The objectives of Mirrome are to find and develop singer/songwriters with a unique niche, develop the artist into a marketable talent by providing access to:

  • Local/National Producers
  • National Distribution
  • National and foreign radio promotion
  • Publishing
  • Agents
  • Management
  • Promoters
  • Tour support
  • Publicist

The overall mission is to

  • Provide access to local artists with unique talent
  • Provide development and discipline for a marketable career in music
  • Assist the artist in developing a professional product
  • Provide marketing and distribution for the product
  • Provide a stepping stone to move to a major label, if artist desires
  • Provide artist with a fair and equitable share of any revenue stream generated by the artist

Artist who feel that the objectives and mission of Mirrome is congruent with their talent and development may contact Mirrome by submitting the "Artist Evaluation Form" or printing and submitting the PDF-Version of the Artist Evaluation Form. Other lables who have talent with great potential to be developed may also contact Mirrome.

Current Press Releases:

Previous Press Releases

08/21/2007 - Press Release: Congratulations Miko Marks
08/20/2007 - Press Release: IT FEELS GOOD to have a killer 2nd album
07/13/2007 - Press Release: Miko Marks Wins National Anthem Spot
06/25/2007 - Press Release: Miko Marks Sparkles in Jewelry Campaign
06/08/2007 - Press Release: Jernie: "High Performance Woman" in a Petite Package
06/07/2007 - Press Release: Miko Marks: Miko Releases New CD at CMA Music Festival
06/07/2007 - Press Release: Chris Gray: Chris Gray fans pack BB Kings, Nashville
05/30/2007 - Press Release: Miko Marks: Miko Marks graces Indie Islands eMagazine
05/30/2007 - Press Release: Chris Gray: Chris Gray is Savin' It Up for fans
02/14/2007 - Press Release: Miko Marks: Not one to rest on her laurels
02/14/2007 - Press Release: 2007 CRS Attendees Meet Mirrome Rising Stars
12/11/2006 - Press Release: Country Artist Nabs Three Recent Honors
11/27/2006 - Press Release: Jernie to Country Music stardom
11/18/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks Named Best New Country Artist
10/23/2006 - Press Release: Gool Ol' Boy Making Waves at Radio
10/18/2006 - Press Release: TAKE A "JERNIE" WITH MIRROME RECORDS
10/15/2006 - Press Release: Country Sensation Miko Marks ... )
09/06/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks Returns to DC
08/10/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks Wins Showdown Competition
06/05/2006 - Press Release: Chris Gray Appearing in Nashville
06/05/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks Seeks Talent Agent
05/18/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks releases new music video
05/05/2006 - Press Release: Chris Gray returns from Middle East
05/02/2006 - Press Release: Chris Gray #1 with "Something I Want"
05/02/2006 - Press Release: "Kickin' Back" Steps Up the Charts
03/24/2006 - Press Release: Chris Gray Makes Steady Climb with "Something I Want"
03/23/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks Still Kickin' Back
03/17/2006 - Press Release: Louisiana Musician & Veteran Heads for Middle East
03/09/2006 - Press Release: "Freeway Bound" on the Rodeo Circuit
02/16/2006 - Press Release: Gray Finds Something I Want on Indie Charts
02/06/2006 - Press Release: She came aboard a fan … and left as a star!
01/30/2006 - Press Release: New Release from Chris Gray
01/06/2006 - Press Release: Chris Gray making his way with the new single
01/05/2006 - Press Release: Miko Marks moving up the charts
11/07/2005 - Press Release: Chris Gray to be Parade Grand Marshal
11/03/2005 - Press Release: Miko making her Mark
10/24/2005 - Press Release: Spinning in 11 countries… in one month!
10/20/2005 - Press Release: Miko Marks, meet the world!
10/20/2005 - Press Release: Audience keeps growing for Miko Marks
10/12/2005 - Press Release: New album finds international market )
10/11/2005 - Press Release: Miko Marks album goes global
10/03/2005 - Press Release: Singer lends a hand to Louisiana hometown
09/02/2005 - Press release: Mirrome Artist Saddles Up for Rodeo
08/25/2005 - Press release: Freeway Bound - bound for music stores
08/25/2005 - Article: First black woman to conquer country music?
08/25/2005 - Press release: Mirrome Artist Saddles Up for local show )
07/30/2005 - Press release: Mirrome Artist Saddles Up for local show
07/22/2005 - Article: Local musician to perform for troops overseas )
07/07/2005 - Press release: Chris Gray to entertain Troops
07/05/2005 - Press release: Bay Area Artist Releases Debut Album
06/11/2005 - Press release: Label signs new artist!
05/23/2005 - Press release: You can be in a live concert video!
09/30/2004 - Press release: Country Music lives in Oakland

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